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Really ejoyed those pictures of the women romping nude in the woods along the AT.

Bud Woods

Just thought I'd check out your "page". Excellent taste in music, by the way :)

Conni M. Davis
None :(

Found you by looking to see what other landscapers have put out there. It's quite interesting! I'll probably have to come back one day to see how your story ends up. Chris D.

Chris Duliakas

Just treked in from at-l. It was well worth the hike. Keep smilin'.
sa Pilgrim aaty

Paul Furnas

Hey Bud!!! It's been a while so thought I'd swing by your page and check it out. How's the ankle doing? Ready to hit Grayson Highlands/Mt Rogers yet?

Later days,


It isn't fiction that your page exists! Angels are from Paris? I think i need a nap....or a hike....or a life off the computer.

Shari Galvez

I like your page. How do you like the services at Tripod. I was think about setting up a home page on geocities, but open to suggestions. Never done a web page before.

Keep up the good work and hike on.

Frank David 'Hawkeye'

I finally found it. Great homepage.

John Harnois or

Hy Rob,

Yes I found your homepage.
I like your storie about your first hiking trip.
It make me remember the times when I hiked with banasch.

Bernd Rathgeb

Hey Felix--I don't know what happens, but there is no way to look at your page from AOL--it's probably that Tripod window that keeps on coming up that messes up the AOL viewer. So, I'm sneaking a glance in at work...Good job, good luck with the personal adjustments--will we still hear from you in SF?

Mary Dotson

Hey, do you know Chip Steele? He is a longtime friend of mine. If you see him, tell him Paul said hello! I'll e-mail his nasty ass also. Thanks, great page by the way!

Paul A. Briddle

Nice! Where 'dem nekked wimens?


great page!
I'm from mi.
i'm working on a research paper right now on landscaping.. thats how i came across your page..
I've always thought of being a landscape architect, but i'm not really sure all of what goes into it.
well, nice looking at your page.
have a nice day!


I like this site, I look forward to coming back and learning more

Abe Keating

Thanks for the diversions! It's great!

Don Stahl

Hey there Felix, your hot on the list.
Loved the apple t rail story.
Damn that's a sad bio.
Hate that pop up tripod thing. nice pagr though
see ya

Jim Lemire
you know

A nice site, The pictures were cute.
I will visit again.


Like your Page so far. Could that
be Zonker surffing the WWW on your
main page? Looks good.

Happy Trails

Mark Nesselhaus


Chris Merritt

Thought I'd stop by...

Ryan Brooks

Gary Chapman

any way i can get this comment to post to the "older guestbook entries?" i'm a little shy, y'see...

ke kaahawe

Nice to meet you, Felix. After the escapades on the AT lists, it's nice to see you in person--virtually. Trailfest looks like a blast, nice pix on Milt's page. When you get up around the MA/VT line, drop me one...

See you on the trail

cosmo catalano

Just stopped in to check out your page. I was checkin out the user list at Smithville Telephone. Later and have fun with your page!

Jeff Deckard

I have talked to you on the Trailplace chat room. Just thought I'd look at your homepage. Now about those monkeys and ferrets......

Ben Cleveland

Hey, those links at the bottom of your messages really work! Too bad you don't look anything like what I thought you'd look like! Come see us at Ironmasters Mansion sometime! Hey, let me try to get one more exclamation point in!

Tom Ha

Since you begged and there is nothing I like more than a guy begging, I am signing your guestbook!

Karen Sousa

got here from a link on your e-mail on the atml. i loved the story, when is everybody gonna get to hear the third edition?

zeke oliver

Last thing I noted as I mailed you last night was, after being (or trying to be) sure everything in the body of the letter was spelled correctly, was that your name was misspelled! So Sorry!! It was really a typo! Good Luck and God Speed!!!!


Doug Banks

nice site. So what's up with the stalled fiction anyway. you know we expect a conclusion before your hike.

Jeff Mosenkis

wonderful page. a delight to read.
I will be hiking the AT in 2007. I know its a long ways off, but I have a date set. Until then, I am section hiking the PCT.

Tom Magee

Nice job...


Liked your page and your candor about your life. You and my ex could compete for who wanted a divorce less. ;)


I was searching around pages from Indiana & came across yours. I really enjoyed the story! SO, Where is Paris???


I thru hiked in '86 (AT86) and have rehiked well over half of it since '86.
Can you figure out my email address?

Smith T Edwards (STE)

Nice hair. Why the old bag in the picture next to you?? Just kidding.
Do you like sushi? Do you own an outback oven? What kind of camp stove do you use? Do you still have that big tent that you put up in your living room to show me last time I saw you?? Too heavy...

Roxy Brock

Was just passing thru, stopped by for a little shade.
ATML/AT-L was getting a little HOT!!

Go figure...

Well, back to the funny farm
(AT-L, ATML?)...



GREAT SITE!!! It sounds like the life, a cabin in the woods and doing what you love... I wish you all the best and hope to meet you next year at trail fest or perhaps somewhere on the trail

Gary Schloesser

I'm a new addition to the at-l listserv.
Great page and information. My parents are in preparation to hike the AT in 99. They're starting in GA, go figure, we live in Maine.

Erica Alfiero,Internet

I don't think I owe you 10 cents if I am using trailname to sign your geustbook. This one should be gratis. Just dropped in to say hello and see if there were any updates - I know those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones or is it those that live in stone houses shouldn't throw glass? Cathcha later allygator!


Enjoyed your page. Great story and great links. If you would like to see some views of where I hike in the southwest, visit "BUNNGEE'S PLACE". Used to live in PA. The green in the photo looked inviting.


Felix, landscaping? I thought for sure you would be writing books by now. I don't want to give you a big head, oh it's already happend, but you've got talent.

Jeff Walters

Oh no!!!!! DEAD?!!!!! Great story, but I hate it when the hero dies! Boohooboohooboohoo, kleenex at 4:45 AM

Sue Williams

Hi Felix,
Well, I bit and decided to write in your guestbook. That was certainly a surprise ending to the Paris story--I'd been expecting some sort of connection to the Paris, VA, community right outside of Ashby Gap where US 50 crosses the Trail. Good story, though. Maybe I'll be seeing you "up-Trail" someday as well. Keep up the writing...
GA-->CT '94, '96

Marshall DeBerry

Hey Felix,
No dogs? No rope? Hmmm!
Hope each day of your thru hike is
better than the one before. Good Luck

Stan Johnson


I have seen your posts and we have run into each other in the #AT channel of EFnet. I came to your page to read "Where the Hell is Paris?" and stayed to read the rest of your page. Your story was excellent! You have a talent for writing. It made me very sad to read about Mrs. Felix. I have a wife and 2 children, and the kind of person I am I often wonder what I would do if something happened to my family. I am 31, and I have lived long enough to know that if something happened to one or all of them, I would find a way to survive. It's a big world out there with infinite possibilities. This is one motivation for me developing "outside" interests such as hiking. Jeez, this is a long guestbook entry. Take care and GOOD LUCK on the thru hike. I live near the trail in NE Tennessee. A good friend at work keeps a hostel in Hampton, TN. Keep us on the list posted as to your progress; perhaps we can meet when you pass this way. Best Wishes and thanks for sharing your stories,

Bob Winstead

Bob Winstead

Felix,I understand your south boundin' it! If you need anything when you are in Southwest Virginia give me a call. Good luck to you,my friend.

Jeff Williams

Felix, you are one neat, but weird, puppy. Keep it up, and good luck on your southbound!

Bill Thorneloe

So happy to make your acquaintance! Love the page--with your writings you made me laugh, you made my cry, and now you make me tell it in public!
(Ilene) Anyone who puts quality of his life first, and laughs thru it all ,I want to meet. (Paul) Will be listening for the patter of your boots comin' down the mountain. The lights always on for you-(Both of us)Enjoy the planning and the hiking-Why are we here? Cause some stuff matters.
Was looking for a guest book entry from Mrs. Purtlebaugh. Didn't find one yet. Neat lady. Give her my best.

Paul & Ilene Trainor