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Well, was hoping to find the origin of "Felix", without actually asking, but
it ain't there. Darn. :(

Linda "Earthworm" Patton

If you spent half the time on your business as you do on the internet you could buy the Revac so I can feed my family.


Hi Felix!
I'm from atml and at-l, just thought I'd
stop by! As usual, I'm really craving a hike and have get my vicarious thrills surfing the net here at work until I'm released. No news there. Liked your page, looking forward to seeing more of your fiction around and about (see what you started!). And what happened to your sub-page on the many virtues of ropes, beans, and dogs? I can see it now... 101 uses! Whaddya think?

Take care,

Jennifer Parisi

Just poped in from the ATML mail list to say Hi from PA.

Paige Palombo

I once lived for three years next to the
AT. I was privileged to meet a few thru
hikers, but could never more than day
hike myself. I managed 15 miles in one
direction and 12 in the other. Going
the distance is a dream I'll never
likely realize but I've thoroughly
enjoyed your page and the links to it.


Good work, Felix. But the famous
humorist from AT-L is missing. I like
your postings there. Hope the beans are
not holding you back here.

Priyo Majumdar

Checking in again for a grin or two. Thanks for the great stories. You and I must be about at the same point as we section hike north. I will be on the trail from Duncannon to Delaware Water Gap middle of May. In July I will hike the Whites and then on to the AT Conf.


Malcolm Smith

Hello...from Newnan,GA..refering to why I'm here...not sure..why are any of us here..and who said we were can be complex.
Climbers jokes...
Definition of a solo climb.
One man falling alone.
Whats the last thing a bubba says before he dies..Hey watch this.

jon white

Man has this page come a long way since the last time I was here! Good job, Felix!!! =)

Kristin P.

Had to check you out...nice job, and I sure do love your humor on the at-list! You always manage to make me smile, keep up the frivolity and please pass the beans!
Mts and Sky

Susie Shaw
the woods ;-)

Felix, I've enjoyed your site. I to want to live in a log home. When my son finishes high school. We plan to buy some land in the country to build one.
I don't suppose you extend you services as far West as Oregon. Our yards in miserable shape. It's going to get worse since we'll be gone all summer.

Ron Moak

Heya Felix!
Good page, but where's the rest of "Where the hell is Paris?"? More I say!


Cindi Prudhomme

Hey Felix..I've been reading your post on ATML for sometime now and finally decided to check your home out. Nice job!

Ike Knox

I was really hoping to find more info on rope and beans. And maybe a dog, but that's another thing entirely! Great page!

not worth mentioning

great homepage. you and i have a few things in common. I am also a section hiker,mostly maine and newhampshire. We are almost the same age 4-5-62. i love u2(favorite song one tree hill) at the moment. Also cranked ac/dc for years. and im in the auqaculture business in maine. (i raise atlantic salmon) I met my husband our senior year in high school. And we dream of going to alaska someday. keep up the good work on your homepage. It was very enjoyable. Thanks


First time reading these pages!
Am a maintainer of the last 6 miles of the 100 mile wilderness up here in Maine looking forward to all this fall.

happy hiking

john O Harris
none yet

Just interested in everything about the
AT since our son is currently thru-

Katherine Beard

I "lurk" on the AT-L and ATML and have really enjoyed your comments and stories over the last several months. Keep it up!

Joey Parker

John and Bethnay Garrett

Very good web-site. John does this for a living.If we meet up at TD,he can converse about web-sites better than I. Hope to meet both of you!

Sponge and Skylar
working on it

Nice page Felix - but where's the photo of you and the Mrs. ?

The Bamaman

I lurk around on the AT-L and I got a kick out of the e-mail you sent me New Kid. I love your page you have a very interesting home page. You make a good writer!

Brandon Moak
I have no home page but my dad who signed in earlier does

Nice website. I had a good time.

The Campers Pantry

you're right, it ain't much! but that's ok with me. later, sly :)

The Slyman

keep cranking the yarns -- enough misery shared and I may give up by exhorbitant (sp) prepartions to overload my pack for my first ever AT, er, second ever AT section (people kajoled me for my Britt pulling me up the mountain to do about a half mile on the AT 'bout three years ago)

A.E. Kimball Hocking

I love your stories, Felix. You're fast
becoming my favorite writer. You could
find a gold mine in your imagination. I
know it's super competitive but you've
got what it takes. Trudy


Haven't seen all you have to offer but like the site

Jim Hipp

Liked your info & facts on AT. I am going to be hiking for three months starting April 1998. Need as much info as possible for planning!

Rachel Loomis

Howdy! Found some teeth under my beans & rope. I guess my dog buried them there. I took out the gold ones, but you can have the others, if you want.

Tom Kreider

Hey Felix, glad to see the "collected works" online. Great stuff! And I guess the link's fixed...

Big Blue Frog

still waiting for the next fiction update. guess it'll have to wait till the growing season is over.

when you get out to oregon to do ron's yard, swing down to calif and help us with ours!

see ya on the trail...

Mike Henderson, Ke Kaahawe

Just thought I'd stop in and take a look at you page....and you're right it's not much...just kidding...the AT links alone are worth their weight in gold!

Happy Trails to all!

Chris Casciano (AT-L)

Chris Casciano

since you begged. Looks good to me, but, then again, many have called me an idiot.

gary rafala

Your page has come a long way since the first time I looked at it way back when. Glad to see the fiction all together.
I'll have to try doing one for the hell of it one of these days. There is a Felix the cat page and should grab some of the art work for your page. It could be illegal, great fodder for an adventure, I'm sure.



You're the coolest, Felix!! :)


I am also a section hiker by choice. I have 955.3 miles done so far (also for 25 years) and this year was lucky enough to get 120miles in. This was the first year in many I was free to take time to engage in my drug of choice. Hiking the AT is certainly a love/hate experience. Once done, and home in a snug bed, I pore over the guides and trail data book planning and dreaming of the next adventure. Hiking it in sections, I find an acute memory of almost all the sections and can describe them in detail to thru hikers who cannot remember where they spent last night. This is not to diminish the wonderful feat of completing the AT in one year. I prefer it like this and cannot imagine what I'll do after I finish. Perhaps start again with my grandchildren since my children don't want to hike with Mom any more. Too slow. I hike in between views, rests, talk, anything and have a terrific time. Like this home page a lot.

Barbara "D. Boss" DiGiovanni

Nice page I was just checking other pages on tripod and seen yours I'm also a Neil Young fan.

Fred Smith

Like your page very much!

peggy shaw

Good job on your home page. I attended graduate school at IU, '88-'92. You are right about 95/95. Although the month of May is nice in Bloomington. I now live in Maine and my youngest daughter (18 yrs. old) and I are planning a AT thru hike March '98.

John Ellis

at thru hiker ga-me '94
slipped in via the atml crack...enjoy your posts on that list, keep'em comin'!


Plan to thru hike in 2000. Live in Fall River,(HAlifax area)Nova Scotia,Canada. Have hiked Presidential, Franconia Ranges in the Whites 6-7 times and Knife's Edge and Katahdin 3 times over the past 5 years. I guess this makes me a sectional hiker of sorts?
Really appreciate the efforts of people like yourself who take the time to make your experience and experiences available to the rest of us. Looking forward to reading more of your home page.

Bruce Duffy (SUN GOD)

Well very interesting..I'm very impressed with this..I do plan on keeping in touch..don't worry..I'm sure you meet people all the time.

Amy Schmitz

Cool page! Hoping to do the AT in a few years!!!

Cristy Guidry

Joan Norris

Only becaused you begged; begging is an attractive thing in a man. If I have to see the movie, can I rent it at Blockbuster? Your page is great. I'll print out Paris and send it to Wanchor to read on the PCT.

Joan Norris

I am a "wanna-be" AT hiker and have been following Rachel's "solophile" journal since she started. Enjoyed your insight into the hiking scene!

Janet Cox

Greetings from a fellow Hoosier. Living in NE TN. now.

Larry Galyen

Hey man! I see we have similar tastes in
music. Except for Yanni, James Taylor, Indigo Girls, etc. Other than that pretty much the same ;-)

I know you owe me a few gardening tips but I'll wait until I have a really good question.

See 'ya man.

Uncle Milt

Howdy partner. Great homepage. Look
forward to seeing you on the trail in
the future. Hope you can join me as I
complete the trail probably '98.

Gary Smith

Been awhile since I've been looks nice, as always! =) Oh yeah, anybody have any information on Annapolis Rocks?


Just thought I'd drop in and FINALLY read something about "you". So far, what I have read is pretty informative.
I have a lot to read yet though. Keep up the good work and keep on hikin'

Alice Kauzlarich

I met someone who was trying to fool everyone into thinking he was you at Trail Days. I didn't fall for it. This guy seemed somewhat sane, that was my first tipoff that it was an imposter, secondly he didn't have any dogs with him (although he did have a very attractive wife) and I never once saw him in the company of any beans. The thing that really let me know it wasn't you was the fact that this guy had a really attractive and wonderfully nice wife, and since she didn't seem to have been druged and hauled to this little town in VA against her will I knew it couldn't be you, from what I hear no sane person would ever agree to spend a week end with you, the rest of their life would be totaly out of the question.
So I told this person that I knew who the real Felix was, and that he was still in prison, you better watch yourself. If this guy convinces many people we may start hearing good things about you, and none of us would want untrue rumors like that spread around ;)

George "Needles" Oeser

I see yer name all over at-l and atml, and I just had to find out who the hell you are! So now I know, so I have to run and hide :)

Fruit Loop

Just surfing in from ATML. Great site. Keep up the good work. Happy trails!

Slim Jim

Hey dude!
Just thought that i would drop in and see how you was getting along....Give me a hollar when you get a chance. chip

Chip Steele

your sense of humor sets you off as unique. Is it possible that you are crazier than I am? Paris is in Texas, and it is because of your wife's maiden name that you have chosen to become a lantzscaper. It is obvious to me.
when you next talk to Waldo, be sure to ask him about his blow up sex doll.


ira m fine

i am out here, but i do not know why.
you are welcome

ira m fine

Had to tell you I made it here!!

Hope you're smiling!!

Melody Lam

Long time no talk, Felix! Looks like I'll be doin' more hiking for awhile, maybe this time I'll go down south...


Hi there,
Just dropped by to see who this Felix
Navidad guy is. Nice page! Loved the
story about your "First Backpacking


Brigitte Bardot

Hi Felix-enjoyed your page. Was out surfing for a vicarious hike since it is crummy weather here on the Coast.

Mark "Greyhound" Edwards

Great page Felix, hope we meet on the trail some day.

Lou Dallara

We enjoyed reading your homepage and wish you luck in your future hiking. If you ever get to northern NH (Gorham), please stop by the Hikers Paradise, a hostel geared for AT hikers. Happy New Year, Mary Ann

Mary Ann


Couldn't find my old post, thought I'd leave another! You have a nice page here, amusing stories, great pics.

However, I really can't give it the 5 star rating, No Pink Floyd on your music page! If you're into listening to music as you hike, their double tape 'Pulse' works wonders.


ps. was this a con job?

The Slyman

Roberto--good shootin' with you. #9 finally got broken in. PBR me ASAP!

Scotty Johnson

Pretty intersting seems like you are a multi-faceted individual,and since my father is also a landscaper I can relate to your love for the outdoors and by the way my "beau" also likes to hike. Incredibly you both heave alot of things in common

Veronica Burgos

hiya felix! well, i finally got to your page. i have been really busy with rowing and homework. mike drove up last weekend and on sat. he got to cockswain my boat! (he sat in the stearn of the boat and shouted directions). that was fun because it was also my first time out in an eight seater. he was so siked to do that. he tells me he's thinking of moving up here, and i REALLY hope he does if it works out for him. he says i might get to meet you when you come visit him. i hope you do, it's beautiful up here (though wet, but people tell me it's not rain- just humidity!). take care! ellen

ellen chaffins

Hi there. I finally found it.

Eva M. Steele

Ok, Ok, I'm a signin'. Haven't looked around yet, but I assure you that this whole thing will be read within a couple of days (I added it to my favorites already) Ciao'!

kurt russell
not yet

Hi Felix! Just popped over from at-l. What a fun page! It's fun getting to know you. Leapfrog

Sue Williams

The peripatetical Felix
was thought to have mastered some ski tricks.
But he said, "Them strange tracks
Get made when I backpacks,
'Cuz I generally hikes in a helix."


Robert Rubin (Rhymin' Worm)

Really ejoyed those pictures of the women romping nude in the woods along the AT.

Bud Woods