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Hello. Found you at "Wingfoot's" page. You've done a nice job here. I'm from Raleigh, NC. Hope to do a thru-hike in the next several years,if the Lord's willing, the creek don't rise and I HAVE THE MONEY!

Natalie Wilson

Site is looking good - came by here to make sure that web page counter goes up! Glad to see a fellow Hoosier doing good things!

Mark Holmes

No wonder the internet is all clogged up.


I've enjoyed your posts on the AT mailing list so wanted to check this out. Have you used your snowshoes yet?

Sally Wilson

I liked your bio information. Almost inspirational for a guy like me who is fixing to graduate from school and worried about being stuck behind a desk.

James Bigler

Hey Felix, just thought I'd let you know I checked it out. Kool Been busy, having all I can do to keep up with mail whereas my employer went belly up, I'm 6 weeks from unemployment as we liquidate.

JIM (AT2000)

Hi Felix, Gypsy here. Like your page! I envy your log home - maybe when I finish my thru hike I'll find one of my own.


I like your web site. I'll be returning to see how you are doing with it. It's good to have the links here to others pages. I seldom get them written down. I think the page is GREAT! I haven't even tried to figure out how to make my own web site. Maybe one of these days when I am sweating out a hot North Carolina afternoon.


i could not read your page about your landscaping business. the green on green was not readable on my browser.

k.t. cruse, jr

I enjoyed your story of your first hike. My first hike was very similar but you're right, some of us just have to hike, no choice. Thank God they have gotten easier and I've gotten smarter, or vice versa. Good job on the page, you are way ahead of me in this computing stuff. Talk to you soon.

Gweneeth Conklin

hello again;just tho't I'd see what you had here--gee, my anniversary is Oct.8th we moved into our new log home last labor day week-end--aren't they great?

T.O.G.Goose- at'92-'93

Hey there Felix! I checked out your page, and it's coming along quite nicely. What program are you using to construct it??? Nice first backpacking story. Have a good one! -Suzzz McGooz

Suzzz "McGooz"

Those are wonderful stories Felix. See you on the AT mailing list. Take care.

Doug Gibbons

Jason Allen Toth

Hey, this is .... oh damn, I lost my train of thought. Oh ya, this is uhhhhh, ya right... oh ya, this is really great. Who the hell are you?

Phred Pharquart

Thought I'd stop by for a peek.


Checkin' out these cool AT-L member pages.

Station Break '93AT'95

Is this where I leave my VISA number to be a trail angle in absentia???? Enjoy your comments on the AT mail-list. "Earthy" (pun intended) Homepage.

aka Richard

Found you as a test surf project, just got wired...not bad for first day,eh? Lots of fun, isn't it?

michael shaw

Cool page. By the way, Mummyfoot and I are doing our thru-hike slideshow on Feburary 20 at 4:30 PM in the Bloomington Hospital auditorium.

Don Paquette

Always surfin' to find more homepages about the AT. Ended my thruhike last year at Abol Bridge but plan to finish it up mid october this year. Nice Page. Keep up the good work.

Dave Denis

Gosh, they let ANYBODY on the internet!

Jody Carbone
too busy to be farting around with one

Hey, you said there would be wood-nymph pornography here!!!


Hi Felix- I've been lurking on AT-L and decided to check out your page. I too am a section hiker (~700 mi. to date -- Hanover, NH to Harper's Ferry). I'm at work now so can't take the time to check out your whole site.

Dan Gould

Felix - I've enjoyed your page! Brings back memories - I, too, did the trail in bits and pieces: took 20 years altogether, though I didn't know for the first 10 that I was doing the whole trail! I feel that the section hiker has more fun than the thru hiker - he can choose the right time of year to enjoy each stretch, and doesn't have to fight to keep up his motivation - it comes back when you get home. Thanks... The Old Smoked Ham

Jack Coriell

Enjoy your writing. lSometimes vague references throw me, but then I am fairly new on the net, and have some catching up to do. l love Dan Bruce's forum and really love all the comments, even such stupid things as the umbrella. Keep up the good times. See you on the AT. Blackfoot

Malcolm Smith

Just caught your mention on the AT Homepage and stopped by to chat. I too am a sectin hiker and have done perhaps 250 to 300 miles over, gasp, about 25 years but with concerted effort only over the last two. Am planning a two week trip in Mid May through the Smokies and , hopefully, through to Hot Springs if lucky. See ya, and remeber, Keep Rhyming. Paddington Beer

Kevin (Paddington Beer) Lane
-none yet-
Paddy Beer.AOL.COM

thx for your lightheartedness on at at-l. and if there is ever an atvfd (appp. tr. volunteer fire dept) i'll vote you in as chief!


I've enjoyed reading all your little "inputs" to the AT mail trail list. Home Page well set out.

Pat Dreyer

So, this is the guestbook of the infamous Felix.....Not too shabby if i do say so myself - and I do! When they finally find a way to dehydrate you please send me a few pieces for my trailmix....

Chris c|\sciano

Hey, this was fun. I'm glad I got to know you a little better. (:


frenchy hoffman

Hi Felix, I decided to visit your page after so many invitations on the at-l list. When I reaad your bio I had to bring my son in to look also. He spent the summer of 1994 living in the same tent city you did, working for the same company (since renamed after two or three bankruptcies). Like you, I am section hiking, although I tend to repeat too many sections just because I love them. See you on line and maybe on the Trail.

Frank Webbe

Thanks for the address Felix. Hopefully we can run into each other some time. Ciao.

Ethan Bellamy

Hi Felix, I'm from Michigan and have backpacked most of its trails. This year will be my first hike on the AT. Plan on section hiking from Springer to Damascus. Want to get get some experience on the trial before attempting a through hike next year. I have been monitoring the email pages and different web pages, collecting as much information as I can can. You have a great web site here and I really appreciate you and the others passing on your knowledge to us new comers. I will be leaving Springer the last week of April and can't believe the excitement I am feeling I look forward to all my hikes but never has it been like this. Thanks again. Stan (no trail name yet)

Stan Johnson
none yet

Love it. Where did you get the trail sign?

Susan Clark
No way

I only have a second, this looks great, but where are the pictures of me? No stories, it breaks my heart that I could mean so little to you. Love always, Sarah

Sarah Burden
you better know this

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