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I have seen your posts and we have run into each other in the #AT channel of EFnet. I came to your page to read "Where the Hell is Paris?" and stayed to read the rest of your page. Your story was excellent! You have a talent for writing. It made me very sad to read about Mrs. Felix. I have a wife and 2 children, and the kind of person I am I often wonder what I would do if something happened to my family. I am 31, and I have lived long enough to know that if something happened to one or all of them, I would find a way to survive. It's a big world out there with infinite possibilities. This is one motivation for me developing "outside" interests such as hiking. Jeez, this is a long guestbook entry. Take care and GOOD LUCK on the thru hike. I live near the trail in NE Tennessee. A good friend at work keeps a hostel in Hampton, TN. Keep us on the list posted as to your progress; perhaps we can meet when you pass this way. Best Wishes and thanks for sharing your stories,

Bob Winstead

Bob Winstead

Felix,I understand your south boundin' it! If you need anything when you are in Southwest Virginia give me a call. Good luck to you,my friend.

Jeff Williams

Felix, you are one neat, but weird, puppy. Keep it up, and good luck on your southbound!

Bill Thorneloe

So happy to make your acquaintance! Love the page--with your writings you made me laugh, you made my cry, and now you make me tell it in public!
(Ilene) Anyone who puts quality of his life first, and laughs thru it all ,I want to meet. (Paul) Will be listening for the patter of your boots comin' down the mountain. The lights always on for you-(Both of us)Enjoy the planning and the hiking-Why are we here? Cause some stuff matters.
Was looking for a guest book entry from Mrs. Purtlebaugh. Didn't find one yet. Neat lady. Give her my best.

Paul & Ilene Trainor

hey..great page. although i have hiked alot of places the At is not one of them until 99.. it is consuming my every thought almost. can i be cured. haha. great page.


Please induldge my sophmoric humor. I got your message and we are ready to rock and roll, although I don't know whether I can do that with a ted Nugent fan. This is quite impressive. Explain it all to me when I see you. By the way, without the carrot of Khatadin, you won't do anything you won't want to.

Thomas John Ruane


lori thompson

hey man that story was great ... put up more like it .. i would have read a whole book in one sitting if it was that good.

Paul Miller


Your AT-L contributions are normally
the highlight of my day.

Marc Bunz

Hoping that you're still on the southbound quest Felix, but thought I'd drop a hello your way. Just finishing up Officer Candidate School here in FL and headed to good 'ol GA for some more training. Hope to head to Springer and do some fun hiking on my weekends. Keep hiking!

Suzz Hill

Great short story, Felix. Keep up the good work. I'd love to hear about the John M. connection sometime.

George Schally

Felix: Your page brought back old memories. I grew up in Indianapolis and now live in Virginia - about 15 miles from the AT. I've begun dreaming of a thru hike. Good luck on your hike!

Dick Rowe
Lexington, VA

Dick Rowe

Ye gads!

Malcolm Smith

Everybody says hi from out west and curious how you're doing and where are you at?

Rick Huber

hope to get rid of you by fair means soon and to outwalk you one of these days.

hans feith

I am also hiking the AT in small portions, it might kill me to do the whole thing at one time.


really helpful for my research!


I was just looking for my name in the Alta Vista search engine when I found your page. Looks pretty nice, visit me, too!

See ya later,
-Felix Loebbel-

Felix Loebbel

Eftersom du inte kan svenska so kan jag skriva att du ar dum i huvudet


Congratulations on your successful thru hike. Hope your re-entry to the real world goes well. Lokking forward to hearing from you on AT-L.
Ron & Cheryl
Solemates AT98

Ron & Cheryl

Dear Mr. Magillicuddy:
It sure was nice to have such a "gentlemen", author, hiker,landscaper, and interesting person in our home on the 30th. Hopefully by now, you will have completed your quest. Congratulations! Thanks for the invaluable info and wisdom you gave to my wife's nephew. I'd like to get your thoughts on how "The Tank" is holding up after you crossed paths again. I wish you the Best of "Trail Magic" throughout the coming years and hope our paths cross again. Godspeed.
George & Joyce

George & Joyce

I came. I saw. I smelled. Ferrets.
Monkey ropes and beans.
I rue the day I downloaded scratchandsniff 4.0.


Howdy Felix, just wanted to congratulate you on
your hike. Looking forward to a visit with you
the next time your up near Wellesley. Breakfast
will be on Sharon and I in exchange for some
tales from the trail. Pat

Pat Cordeiro

Welcome back, and congratulations again! Just stopped by looking for a journal. Maybe someday?

Dan Gould

We did the trail a little differently both i"m sure we both Have a lot of similar stories.

David Horton

Hi Felix. I'm a lurker on the at-l and the atml and I enjoy your writings and your humor so I had to check this out. You've done a great job with your site. You have a real gift for writing....keep it up. Happy Trails!


Thanks for an interesting site.

Rev. Howard D. Lyons, Sr.

I hiked 300 miles of the AT in 1996 - I miss it terribly and am looking forward to the day when I can return. I thoroughly enjoy the AT pages as they keep me in touch....looking forward to hearing about your hike and seeing some pictures!

Gerri Chesney

Just passing thru.

Bill Turnbow

Very interesting.
I live in a log house and have hiked the AT. However, I like country and classical.

Mike Nagel

Congratulations, Felix! Isn't it grand to be a 2000+ Miler! Damn near as good as sex - and it lasts longer,

John Newman

1. It's a damned good thing your site is free.
2. You are a clever rascal.
3. I was hoping to see that you had gotten some employment now that you're out of the woods, but I guess not, huh?

Bud Woods

You have been reading too much Milne! Sad! But not totally a waste. Only the work of the Congress is a total waste!
Hope your summer hike was fun. Have you written up your trip yet? Love to read it. I did all of NJ, but had to cut the hike short as my 93 year old mother developed medical problems: terminal cancer. Hope to do all of NY this summer if my mother's health doesn't deteriorate too rapidly. Glad to read of your new love interest. Have many of those before you decide to hitch up again. Listen to Eyore. Let him be your guide through this mystical journey called life. Blackfoot

Malcolm Smith

Just checked out your web..awesome! Your writing is outstanding! Will e-mail you and reply to your last one too. Happy Hiking, Linda

Linda Bertoncini



Okay, I like your page but there needs to be a link to go to your haiku and other writings. I enjoy those very much in email, and think you should record them here for posterity, and for the enjoyment of those not on the list. They're a little window into your soul. Oh, and I especially appreciate the wildly flapping mailbox on the bottom of your homepage! Are you that anxious for mail?

Debbie Smith

Welcome back, Felix! I love the pics! I wonder--what did Mrs. Purtlebaugh send in your care packages?


Yow-za! Yow-za! Yow-za!
Great site! Biography was touching.
Glad you found Ms P.

Joe & Nancy Robinson

Feeeelix! :-)

Guess you made it back. Thanks for the pic. I am _still_quilty of not reading all of the ATlist mail. I need to write a "Felix Filter" so I won't miss anything pertaining to you or your antics.

Jamie :-)


No, that wasn't a typo, I have been feeling "quilty". I guess it's the homebody in me. I just sit around making quilts all day long - no time to hike.


_That's_ why I don't have time to read AT-list mail.


You ought to tie in Jim Damico's Home Page. It's a great page

J.P. Fentress

Just looked real quick. We like AC/DC and Mellencamp. I'm gona read your stories. Did you drink alot of weed and smoke alot of booze when you were younger? Just wondering. Takes one to know one. It was great to meet you at the ruck.

Andrew S Meislahn

Hey Felix... Why are you hiking the A.T? I know... because it's there. Nothing exceeds a good armchair adventure. So now I am going to surf over and climb Mt Everest. Best of luck to you. Check you later..

Hazet Mayer

Just checkin' in on your site, Felix, hoping to find some more photos of the Grand Adventure or more stories. :-)

I wanted also to say "thank you" for your honesty and humor and willingness to listen, as well as letting me participate in a small way in your thru-hike. Any time you're hiking this way, lemme know and I'll help ya however I can.


Amy Friends

hey...stumbled upon this site by accident, but glad to have found it...i've heard amazing things about the AT, now i'll have to get up off my lazy butt and do it!! best of luck with your new ladyfriend...


Congradulation on the completion of your thru-hike. I have enjoyed your article and browsing your homepage. I'll keep checking for any new additions. Thanks

Misty Dobson

Cool "not so recent" picture of yourself

Chris Vreeland