Here are some links to other pages. I am not responsible for the content thereof. Sorry I have no pictures or pretty things here... (really, I'm not sorry)

Mark Holmes' Page:

Mark is a fellow Hoosier and buddy of mine. He operates the Fox Hill Inn near Troutdale, VA. (Two Paws Up from Felix) He also spends waaaay too much time on his homepage. Go check it out.

Hike USA:

Hike USA(imagine the 'S' is more visible than it is) is a slackpacking endeavor operated by a friend of mine (Pittsburgh). He offers various ways of hiking the AT for people who can't, or don't want to, strap on a pack and head out for the typical overnight hike. Check it out and see if he can do anything for you. Tell him Felix sent ya.

Tim Hewitt:

Tim thru-hiked the AT in '99 as "Paddler". (I still think he should have been "The Witt"). His journal can be found here. (Well, not here, but at the site you will go to if you click the link at his name.) The page may actually be called (per Paddler) "Paddler's Incredible Tale of a Thru Hike of the Entire Amount of the Appalachian Trail that he Acually Does and All his Wisdom and Thoughts on the Subject".

Chris Casciano:

Well, somewhat reluctantly from both sides, I'm adding Chris' page. What the heck kinda name is 'Casciano' anyway? (Hey, Chris, you owe me lunch.) And, is that you on the front?

Pete Fornof:

Pete is a friend of mine from the AT-L e-mailing list. He is a cyclist and hiker and nice guy in general. (Well, if he owes you money he's nice.)

Uncle Milt:

Milt Webb is some guy with a homepage. He stole my car once.

Dave Harvey:

This homepage is proof that I am not biased to only using American websites. Dave has a nice site going, even if the spinning globe sends me into a trance.

Gary Trittipoe: 

Gary and Rebekkah have an interesting way of 'hiking' the Appalachian Trail. This link will take you to David Horton's page, with more info on the three of 'em and what they do.

Ern Grover:

The clock is ticking...oh, wait. Go to the clockmakers site and watch those gears turning for a while. Then, try to drive a car. Ern is a clockmaker and righter from the great state of Maine. If I'm write, he owes me lunch, too.


Tony Roberts is a member of the Piedmont Appalachian Trail Hikers. Here is their webpage with lots of info on the trail there (VA) and how to join.


Go here and click on the big boots to be taken to Ellen's journal. Those are some really cool boots.